cause-driven, resource-filled leadership


HANACOLAB (Ha-na-koo-lab) :
noun : Think Tank for supporting founders, entrepreneurs, startups, and causes.

verb : The ongoing cultivation of a tribe made of leaders, learners & dreamers; focussed on connecting to co-create sustainable projects that have a positive impact in today's world.


Tribe - A collective of individuals who align with our deep cultural foundation, Aloha.
Sustainable - Scalable projects that are able to be self-maintained at a defined rate or level.
Think Tank - a body of experts providing advice and ideas and mentorship.


Support - We give, not take. Many of our services are available for free, mahalo (thank you) to our sponsors, partners and generous tribe members.
Strategies - We guide project focus on three scalable levels; BETA, Launch, and Growth, to ensure speed to market success, and project sustainability. 
Mesh - We develop relationships, not contacts and strive for engagement over entertainment.


We don't know everything, but along the voyage we have cultivated a diverse network of leaders offering mentorship in business planning, startup launch, L.E.A.N & SCRUM project management, cultural relations, legal consulting and a lot more. Our services are designed for the modern business, with a focus on face-to-face mentorship. 
When it comes to the basic need of gaining awareness, and with it traffic, our objective is to assist and provide reasonable access to resources necessary, in growing, owning, or launching any business. 
We created service options that are clear, understandable, and affordable. And, in the "Aloha Spirit," we offer payment plans with no hidden fees.